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Top MOTOTRBO Hospitality Highlights

It takes a lot to run a hotel or property seamlessly.At the heart of it all is clear and reliable communication between staff.With Motorola’s..

It takes a lot to run a hotel or property seamlessly.

At the heart of it all is clear and reliable communication between staff.

With Motorola’s MOTOTRBO systems, two-way radios and applications, you can respond to guest requests promptly and efficiently, know where staff are at all times to improve productivity and on-site security.

Top MOTOTRBO Hospitality Applications

Text messaging allows you to send discrete messages to coworkers without disrupting guests.

Text Messaging

Discretion is important in hospitality.

The ability to send text messages to each other without using voice communication reduces disturbances to guests without sacrificing the ability to communicate.

Location Tracking

Know where staff are at all times with GPS location tracking.

In an emergency, use location tracking to quickly send the closest security personnel to the scene.

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Work Order Tickets

Speed up response time and create satisfied guests by assigning work order tickets to a maintenance worker to make repairs, or, send a work ticket to a staff member that can handle a guest request.

You can also use location tracking to see who on your team is closest to an issue that requires immediate attention and get them to quickly respond.

Work tickets can also be used by housekeeping to enhance room turnaround time and improve efficiency for conferences and convention space by event staff.

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WAVE Push to Talk Application

Use the WAVE app to instantly connect staff both on and off-site using smartphones that integrate with two way radios.

This is the perfect application for staff who need to communicate but don’t necessarily require the use of a two-way radio.

You can also use the WAVE application to convey critical information such as a change of plans when there is a special event or conference happening.

Learn more about WAVE and schedule your free demo here.

Motorola Team Solutions for Hospitality

Using Motorola two-way radios and certified Motorola application developers, you can create an integrated solution that allows you to seamlessly communicate with your team.

Here are some of the ways that different people on your staff can use team solutions:


Assign work order tickets to staff and speed up response time. Integrate GPS to see who is closest to the issue.

General Manager

  • Instantly contact all employees with the WAVE Push-to-Talk app
  • Monitor emergency talk groups
  • Stay connected from anywhere

Guest Services Manager

  • Use work order ticket integration for better workplace efficiency and to improve guest service
  • Communicate with employees over greater ranges with clearer voice communications
  • Dispatch closest security employee to scene quickly during emergency


  • Use text messages to communicate discretely without disturbing guests
  • Submit work order tickets when notified by guests for quick resolution
  • Extended battery life for long work shifts


  • Use hands-free communication to focus on the job at hand
  • Receive alerts directly to radio through work order ticket management

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This article gave you some insight into the numerous benefits that using Motorola two-way radios in your hotel or property can bring your business – including satisfied guests, faster work turnaround time and safety and security.

Contact our two-way radio experts to find out more about Motorola two-way radios and how they help the Hospitality industry.
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